Soy hi pro maize

Product Description: 
It is a premix based on corn and soybean meal hi pro, used to feed cattle (bulls, cows, calves, heifers and / or calves), sheep, pigs and poultry (layers and broilers) to be incorporated into formulations of foods and / supplements. This highly digestible product provides a proper balance of proteins.

Corn, soybean meal Hipro

Uses and Benefits:
High-energy food has good digestibility have a high level of digestible protein in a proper balance for animal nutrition The pelletized prevents stratification and reduce the presence of dust.
Presentation: Flour thick or pelleted, bulk, big bags or bags of 25 or 40 Kg.

Duration : 90 days less 25 C, protected from sun, in dry and pest control.
Notritional Composition