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In many countries and cultures rice is considered one of the most important food, 

in fact is consumed by half the world's population and is the second most cultivated 

cereal after corn. 

Rice is a rich source of carbohydrate and therefore acts as a source of fuel for the body. White rice is high in minerals such as calcium and iron; it is also rich in vitamins, such as niacin, vitamin D, thiamine and riboflavin. Integral rice is a good source of fiber and therefore improves digestion. Rice contains a very low in saturated fat and cholesterol. 

This cereal is the most important staple food for a large part of the population of all the world, especially in East, South, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Latin America and the Antilles. Rice is the grain with the second highest worldwide production, after corn.
White rice is obtained through a process called bleaching, in which it is drawn shell and the outer layers.
Rice also have numerous health benefits, is an immediate source of energy for the body. It is not only good for the skin, but is also good for the maintaining levels of blood sugar. 

The starch in the rice is beneficial for diabetics as it has a very low content of carbohydrates compared to other starchy foods.

Rice is an excellent source of fiber. This helps in the growth of bacteria beneficial to improve digestion and regularize bowel movement. Rice is a food without cholesterol and thus helps keep consumption low cholesterol, which is beneficial to our circulatory system and heart. 

Rice is used to make beverages such as horchata, rice milk, etc. With rice flour we can prepare breads, pastries, desserts, pasta etc. 
Rice also has applications in health. It is believed that the rice broth stops diarrhea. The "Rice water", as it is often called, serves to rehydrate and combat fever cases. Sick people are given rice soups and broths for their ability to digest on Chinese food; this is called “congee”. It is used as a substitute for milk. 
Rice powder is used to treat acne, wounds, skin irritation and grains. 

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