Confectionary Sunflower


While it is not easy to distinguish between an oiler sunflower from a confectioner sunflower there are significant differences in the physical aspects of grains obtained and use. The confection sunflower seed has a large size and is consumed by people directly and this requires both good practices in the field and processing plant are of vital importance. It is a natural, tasty and rich in minerals and vitamins product. It is usually recommended for a healthy diet, as well as consumes snack and / or ingredient for baking.
The grain is classified according to the diameter. Commercially it is called gauge and the bigger it is, the greater its value. Large gauges are used for human consumption and the smaller ones, for petís food.

Carbohydrates, fiber, protein, vitamins E and C, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper.

It has a typical flavor, not rancid, free of odor alien to the species, firm texture, with grains empty. It is black striped color depending on the hybrid.
Although performance is between 10 and 15% below common sunflower and itís disadvantage is being very light, the confection sunflower gives the possibility of a bonus in marketing.
Agronomic management Confectioner red corn and sunflower has no large differences respect of which takes place in traditional crops, but growers that implanted need to develop a logistics to ensure optimum quality. Because Marketing is always performed by a contract between a company and a farmer, compliance with quality standards become a prerequisite for an added value.

Ensures sales by total harvest Short cycle crops 120-130 day high genetic quality hybrids with average equivalent yields to oiler sunflower, grain resistance pigeon attacks. 

The confection sunflower is used as an ingredient in different formulations prepared specifically for different species of birds. 
The other use of confectionary sunflower is for human consumption. Is larger than the one used for birds and the pit is consumed in natural or roasted and salted form. Also, once one peeled, mixed with different ingredients for preparing excellent confectionery products. 

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