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Fertilizer Grade

Product description and process

ALL-OUT is an organic complex formed by free alpha amino acids, peptics, promoters of the growth hormone, vitamins, macro and micro nutrients. It contains Proline, a natural regulator of the internal environment cell's oncotic pressure that allows the vegetable adaptation to the water stress conditions decreasing the evotranspiration,
Unlike other biostimulants, both of vegetal and animal origin, ALL-OUT contains iron under the form of Ferroprotoporphyrin - complex, a natural component of the hemoglobine. vital in the cytochrome B synthesis, an essential component of the photo synthesis I system, responsible of the bacteria and plants respiralory chain.
ALL-OUT is also fortified with phosphorus and potassium of mineral origin, suitable for organic and ecologic farming, through a sophisticated method of extraction of the components in a totally assimilable way.




Total Nitrogen

4,5 %







Asimilable Phosphorus

3,0 %

Equivalent grade





Sugar cane

Potassium Solubility


Superficial tension

37,8 Dyn / cm













• Seeds priming; ALL-OUT can be used as a nutritive complement over inoculated seeds. Ex.: SOY - BRADY RHIZOBIUM.
Its composition and fast dry give an ideal environment for the survival of the inocule during the sowing and the first states of adaptation.
It favors the inocule multiplication, and the low content in bacteria, (less than 1000 ufc/ml), does not genérate competitive effects against the same inocule.
The assimilable phosphorous content, applied over the seed, favors the plantule's emergency process, as the result of an excellent radicular development, obtaining results between 15 % and 17 % more of Radicular Mass expressed as dry matter with applications between 700 and 1000 cc every 50 Kg . of soy seed. The phosphorous application acts as a starter in the process of early radicular development.
ALL-OUT can be applied before the inoculation, or mixed with the inoculant moments before sowing,

• Foliage ferlilizer: ALL-OUT can be used as a foliage fertilizer due to its nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium content, that defines it as a ternary fertilizer. The superficial tension and conductivity are optimum, and the excellent nutritive balance, of 100% organic origin, give to ALL-OUT the essential characteristics to be used In a great variety of vegetables species.
ALL-OUT generates a biostimulant effect very difficult to match with other products, even with free alpha amino acids concentrates.
Studies of efficiency made with alfalfa, demonstrated increases of 15% lo 17% more of dry matter per foliage application of ALL-OUT .
With the corresponding authorization of the certifying company, it can be formulated with cobalt and molybdenum,

ALL-OUT has demonstrated to have a wide spectrum metabolic cellular activation effect. ALL-OUT can reduce the amount of herbicide of systemic action when its application is combined with the herbicide (glyphosate),
Independently from its functions as foliage fertilizer and seeds priming, ALL-OUT presents unique qualities as an activator of the cellular metabolism and as a consequence, of the translocation of metabolites and analog substances, via phloem. These analog substances can be represented by the glyphosate. Glyphosate is a chemical by-product of the amino glicine acid, and is transported within the vegetable via phloem and like all drugs of systemic use produces toxic side effects during the time before the degradation goes through.
ALL-OUT is constituted by natural organic fluids that protect the transgenic vegetable resistant to glyphosate of the side effects, stimulating the electronic transport and the synthesis of the aromatic alpha amino acids, and prepares the bad grass for the crop, to adopt a state of activation of the phloematic transport, that makes them much more susceptible to glyphosate, allowing lowering the dose. This synergic effect is achieved with an adequate dose of ALL-OUT and 50% of glyphosate reduction.
It has to be taken into account that the optimum dose should be determined for each soil. not manifesting variations between 500 and 700 cc of ALL-OUT per hectare.


ALL-OUT is sold in drums of high density poiyelhyiene with a net content of 20 liters .

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