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Pure Beef Meat and Bone Meal (MBM) is obtained through the process of steaming bones, legs, and carcasses of healthy bovine that come mainly from slaughterhouses fit for human consumption. The fat is extracted by means of steam heating at 133 C at a pressure of 3 bar for 20 minutes.

Pigs, skin, hair, hooves, or horn wastes are not used in this process.
It has an excellent and digestible essential amino acids profile.
It has a high calcium and phosphorous content.
The exclusive cooking and milling process, ensure high digestibility.
Argentina is free of BSE disease therefore ensuring a healthy, final product .

Typical bromathologic analysis

  45 / 50
 Amino acid profile 
Max.8 %
 Lysine Min.2,45
Min.45 %
 Digestibility in lysine Min.80
Digestible Protein in Pepsin
Min.75 %
 Methionine Min.0.55
30/35 %
 Methionine + Cisitine Min.0.94
10/15 %
 Tryptophan Min.0.24
Max.2 %
 Threonine Min.1.50
9,5/11 %
 Arginine Min.3.25
4,75 / 5,5 %


Methabolizable energy in poultry 2150 Kcal/kg    
Digestible energy in pigs 2220 Kcal/kg    
Sodium Max.0,8%    
Acidity in oleic acid Max.5%    
Peroxide index 10 meqO2/kg in fat    
Sieve test Min.88 % Pass Through 2 mm mesh
Antioxidant Ethoxiquin    

Free from E.coli,Salmonella at the time of loading
Free from live insects at the time of loading
Free from hair and wool at the time of loading

Delivery: 20 ft CNT loadind 23 Mton each.

Packaging: Polypropilene big bags 1,2 Mton each

Prince U$S 

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